Celebrate Life

Share your memories with the world!

Some people see cemeteries as a place to mourn death. We see them as a place to celebrate life. We continue to seek any information that would help celebrate the lives of those buried in Moon Point. Obituaries, documents, pictures, genealogies, biographies, anecdotes…

Unless otherwise instructed, contributions will be attributed simply as “Received from a Descendant”, so please specify how you’d like to credited when sending information.

We are especially seeking vintage photographs of the cemetery, pictures of the wrought iron gates removed circa 1970 would be most appreciated. We are happy to add links to family genealogies or sites of interest, just send the URL.

Submitted text may be edited, truncated, or paraphrased, pictures and graphics may be cropped, resized, enhanced, retouched, or changed in file type as necessary to fit site requirements and aesthetics.

Please send all submissions to