About the Moon Point Cemetery Website


The Moon Point Cemetery website was originally created in 2003 by Floyd Douglas Covill.  Doug poured countless hours into the site–not only photographing and documenting the tombstones, but researching the families and area history as well.  As Doug said, “This site has been a labor of love and a way of carrying on a family tradition– my family has been involved with Moon Point Cemetery in one way or another since at least 1864.”  He continued to improve the site until his sudden, untimely death on December 31, 2005.

The Moon Point Cemetery website became Doug’s legacy.  Unfortunately, most of the unpublished files and research died with him.  Doug’s niece, Megan Shchepetov, worked to preserve the existing website when the site host, geocities.com, was shut down in 2009.  The new, modernized Moon Point Cemetery website went live in 2011.


  • Home is the site’s first, main page.
  • Tombstone Index sends you to the family name listings. In addition to tombstone pictures you can find obituaries, family histories/genealogies and other information.
  • History is a bit of history of the cemetery origins and the Reading Township area.
  • Photo Gallery is self explanatory. Photo contributions for this section are very welcome.
  • Burials is a compilation of the names of the over 400 persons known to be buried in Moon Point Cemetery. This is the third update of the original created by the late researcher and genealogist George Lloyd Irgang in the 1930s. It was updated with his permission in 1988 by Lloyd and Mary Erickson with Viola Baughman and published in The Cemeteries of Livingston County. The 2004 update was done with Mrs. Erickson’s permission and is based on videotape with audio commentary recorded by the author in 2003 and 2004 and on document research done by Joan Johnson of the Streatorland Historical Society.
  • News contains articles written about Moon Point.
  • Resources is a page of links to sites and resources that may be of interest to visitors. Suggestions welcome.


  • This site is not sanctioned or approved by the Moon Point Cemetery board of directors.
  • While the webmasters have taken reasonable care to assure the quality of information provided, accuracy is not guaranteed.  Please contact me regarding factual errors, misspellings, typos, broken links, etc.
  • Digital images and text from The History of Livingston County, Illinois, 1878 are from the Brookhaven Press CD and used with permission of the publisher.  The CD is a complete copy of the original book, first published in 1878 by Wm. Le Baron, Jr. & Co. (Chicago).


  • The Moon Point Cemetery site does not maintain a mailing list other than a personal email address book.  Email addresses will never be sold, traded, exchanged, shared, or otherwise divulged to third parties without permission.
  • Information about living persons will not be published without their express written permission.
  • Before submitting information to this site, please read the Contribute section.


This site truly belongs to the descendants and loved ones of those buried in Moon Point. There are far too many contributors to credit them all here. My thanks to every one that has taken the time to supply information and lore whether you are mentioned below or not.

  • H.E. “Bud” Woolford– The information on his Moon Point website is an invaluable resource and I referred to it freely while doing this site.
  • Dr. Milton Moon– Moon and Barrickman family information, local history.
  • Glenda A.– Wultzen family information. To Glenda goes the dubious honor of being the site’s first contributor.
  • Joan Johnson from the Streatorland Historical Society– Hours of selfless work providing obituary transcriptions, genealogy info and other local information. Take a bow, Joanie, you’ve earned it.
  • Becky F.– The astounding amount of information she has provided about the Burton family (accessible through the Burton surname listing). I highly recommend that anyone with ancestors and relatives in the Streator/Reading Township area take a look at it.
  • LtCol. George Edward “Bud” Armstrong, US Army, ret. (1920-1992)– Armstrong genealogy, local color, and family lore.
  • The unknown programmer that invented copy & paste– Bless you!
  • Sandra L.– Realtime feedback and ability to conceal her boredom and exasperation.
  • A special thanks to someone who prefers to remain nameless. Without her patient indulgence this site would not have been possible.


June, 2005
“I like the way you combine the photographs of the headstones with genealogical data and stories. My review of your site made it easy for me to award the “Award for Excellent Genealogy”.” –Aiko Timmer (webmaster Aiko Timmer’s Genealogy Page)



I was quite pleased (and proud) to discover that this website was selected as a Family Tree Magazine “Site of the Week”.


Dedicated to the memory of Ethel Muriel and George Arlie Armstrong.  Ethel and Arlie to many, Baba and Popo to a lucky handful.  Also dedicated to the memory of Floyd Douglas Covill. Hope he would be pleased and proud that his Moon Point Cemetery website lives on.